There is a hidden macro available which can be embedded into your content.

How to embed?

  1. Install  Confluence Source Editor

  2. Edit your page within the Confluence Source Editor (See marketplace screenshots for how to)

  3. Insert statistics macro code: 

    <ac:structured-macro ac:macro-id="d4487930-e120-4037-9760-2d33fcd1079e" ac:name="statistic-macro" ac:schema-version="1">
        <ac:parameter ac:name="spaceKey">
          <ri:space ri:space-key="DEMO"/>
        <ac:parameter ac:name="filterRatedContents">true</ac:parameter>

Macro Parameters

ParameterValues (Example)Description
spaceKeyDEMOKey of the space you want to show statistics for

true (default)


If true, only pages with at least one rating will be shown


Title Type Space Number of users Like Love Smile Meh Frown